Nadia Suleyman

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  • When the earthquake struck, my house was crumbling around us. As a widow with six children, the sudden upheaval left us with nothing but fear and desperation. My life became more difficult because I had to take care of my children and protect them from the cold weather.  My suffering became double. I felt like it would be my last night.
  • Leaving our shattered home in Saraqib behind, we sought refuge in Jandairs. We thought the situation in Jandairs was better than in Saraqib but we found ourselves confronted by yet another city of destruction. Forced to make do with makeshift tents, the first days after the earthquake our family faced the harsh reality of winter without proper shelter or warmth.
  • ELAF RD Organisation was like a spotlight of hope. Their assistance was a godsend, providing us with essential non-food items such as blankets, insulation materials, and hygiene kits. These simple yet invaluable supplies transformed our bleak existence.With the aid of insulation materials, we could shield ourselves from the biting cold and relentless rain. The blankets offered physical warmth and a sense of security and reassurance in the face of adversity.
  • ELAF helped me access clean drinking water, ensuring that our basic needs were met even in the most challenging circumstances. Providing safe and potable water alleviated concerns about hygiene and sanitation.
  • For me, the aid that ELAF gave me as an emergency response was enough to give me the basics of life. Elaf Relief and Development’s commitment to providing comprehensive assistance, including both food and non-food items, underscores the importance of addressing the multifaceted needs of disaster-affected communities.
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