The third round of the electronic food vouchers project

This Eid

Non-stop work

Renewed hope

Collective Iftar and Activities with Orphaned Children in Idlib

Electronic vouchers project

A pioneering partnership between ACTED and Elaf_Relief_and_Development

ELAF RD announces the start of registration in the Vendors Registry,

iftar of a fasting person

distribution of food in Ramadan

A campaign to distribute heating materials to camps in northern Syria

A year has passed since the occurrence of the greatest disaster

work meticulously to meet all humanitarian needs

their suffering

Our efforts bow to their laughter

Contribution of Elaf for Relief and Development Organization in supporting the medical sector

..Snow brings joy to many people, but for some, it’s a catastrophe

! unforgettable catastrophe

We confront challenges

Elaf Residential Village

Preparing Elaf Village 3

cold Winter

first stone for the construction of Elaf Residential Village

Elaf for relief and Development Organization

family of Abu Fahad

How was October 2023 for Elaf for Relief and Development organization team

Life has returned to the family

ELAF for Relief and Development

ELAF RD invites E-voucher system providers to submit their offers

Why do we build Elaf Village?

Tender Announcement

The Elaf organization team visited the areas of Idlib and Termanin

Among the ruins and devastation caused by bombs and missiles

Contact us now to help you

Elaf For Relief and Development – Turkey

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