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This programme is a holistic intervention which aims to promote emotional well-being, greater social inclusion, and address the psychosocial needs of people in crisis settings. 

  • Elaf RD in cooperation with RED NOSES International the programme focuses on art and humour’s scientifically proven health benefits as complementary measures in healthcare interventions.
  • Clowns support children and their families develop strategies to cope with challenging situations. These are people who have lost almost everything, who have witnessed and survived conflicts like Syrian refuges and earthquake-affected people, who were forced to flee, and who live in dire and stressful situations.
  • With our artistic and interactive clown interventions, the children are given the possibility to express their feelings in a playful manner. The clowns can trigger a shift of focus, concentrating on the positive, the strength and the abilities of the children. The reconnection to positive feelings helps to regain resilience and hope.
  • Healthcare clowns contribute to the empowerment and mental health improvement of vulnerable groups. They are professionally trained to support, encourage, and connect with people by recognising their needs, acknowledging their presence, and engaging with them individually.
  • Through the safe space created by the playful and emotionally honest encounters with clowns, children and adults often feel empowered and safe to express difficult or unpleasant emotions.
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