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NameJuma AlKurdi
Age55 Years
AddressALzahra Camp   – Tel Alkarama

My name is Juma AlKurdi, and I am a displaced individual from the southern countryside of Aleppo. I used to own a house and had a job that provided enough for my livelihood. Blessed with five children —three girls and one boy — societal expectations dictate that the oldest son should be the primary supporter of the family, whether in terms of work or managing household affairs. However, my oldest son, Ahmed, who is 26 years old, poses a challenge due to his mental disability.

This mental disability has placed a greater responsibility on me to provide for the needs of my family. The challenges have become more daunting and burdensome, requiring special care and extra attention. Despite these difficulties, I strive to secure the needs of my family and ensure their happiness.

This experience has indeed been a significant challenge, but I am committed to providing full support to Ahmed and the rest of my family.

After we were displaced and settled in Idlib, our family faced a new ordeal due to an earthquake on February 6, 2023. The harsh conditions brought us back to a period of hardship, especially as we were living in a tent that did not offer sufficient protection from the winter cold. In these challenging circumstances, the organization Ilaf was our main supporter.

I was one of the beneficiaries of the organization’s non-food support baskets and ready-to-eat food baskets. These aids were vital to meet the basic needs of our family in the face of the harsh conditions, especially considering the high prices and scarcity of food items in northern Syria after the earthquake. ELAF RD was a key partner in providing the necessary support and alleviating the burden of our daily challenges.

Indeed, the presence of humanitarian workers plays a crucial role in providing psychological support during tough times. They become a source of strength and encouragement, particularly when they empathize with and understand our struggles. Their kind treatment and help during times of hardship become essential in relieving psychological pressure.

Facing challenges, family solidarity, and sibling support have a positive impact on resilience and endurance. They serve as a strong foundation and a source of hope during difficult times, sharing the burden and offering support in a way that makes us feel we are not alone in facing challenges.

Today, after nearly a year since the earthquake, Ahmed, our small family, and I still remember those who stood by us during the toughest times. We express our gratitude to the organization Ilaf and the supporters, without whom, we would not have reached the smiles we have today.

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